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Settling-in Services
Relocation is not just about moving to a new place; it’s also about adapting and adjusting to a new way of life, location, culture and more. To make the entire process easier and smoother for our clients, we offer settling-in services so that you feel just at home.
Our specially designed services ensure a smooth transition during the relocation process by providing constant assistance so that clients seamlessly and quickly embrace the change. In order to make the transition hassle-free and prompt, Interem offers a comprehensive range of settling-in solutions. Be it finding suitable educational facilities to zeroing in on quality healthcare & leisure facilities, Interem does it all.
We conduct an in-depth and thorough need analysis at various stages of the relocation process, to find the best solutions for our clients. This customization in turn helps in making the initial stage of relocation much easier and helps clients adjust to the new city without causing much disruption to their work and daily life.
Interem offers comprehensive setting-in services for individuals and corporate clients through our associations with a wide network of reputable and professional partners.
Our Settling-in Services include:
• Orientation Program
• Home search Assistance
• Repatriation Assistance
• Immigration Consultancy
• School Search Assistance
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