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Interem provides you with a wide range of repatriation services that help you with services prior to your reloction from the host country to home country or another country.

Our years of experience and skills make your experience of leaving for a new beginning absolutely stress-free.

Services include:
  • Coordinate final bill payments.
  • Lease termination.
  • Assist with preparing house for return to landlord including arranging for the professional cleaning of the property if appropriate
  • Complete pre move-out inspection (a few days before departure) and start documenting.
  • Inform account / consultant of any potential damage identified during the pre move out.
  • Complete Move out inspection checklist once all furnishings are removed (within 1 day of departure). Return fully completed document to account / consultant within 3 working days of departure.
  • Forwarding of mail (advise assignee how to proceed and when should be done)
  • Coordinate/collect refunds of deposits
  • Negotiate dilapidations with landlord
  • Hand over and talk through checklist (important things to know before you go)
  • Deregistration or utilities, phone, cable, etc.
  • Assist with deregistration with local authorities (advise if must be done by expatriate)
  • Close out immigration
  • Deregister from school and make arrangements for refundable tuition
  • Cancellation of club memberships (remind expatriate)
  • Cancellation of rental furniture leases, coordinate removal, arrange for their return to supplier
  • Coordinate removal of appliances and return to supplier, if applicable.
  • Arrange hotel for temp. living accommodation until date of departure, if necessary

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