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Automobile Relocation

Our passion for relocating your automobile matches your passion for your ride. Whether it’s a convertible or a hatchback, Interem offers tailor made solutions for all automobile relocation needs.
In transporting your car safely to the final destination, we rely heavily on the usage of covered car trailers and containerized trucks designed especially for the safety of vehicles. We do not compromise on schedules and timelines. We pick up the car from the client’s residence/office after preparing a car condition report & deliver to the final destination after revalidating the origin car condition report. All vehicles relocated by Interem undergo a revalidating vehicle condition check before they are delivered to make sure that the vehicle reaches in the exact condition that it was picked up.

Car Relocation Services

With our expertise and know-how to safely loading, transporting and delivering automobiles, we are more than well-equipped to take care of your automobile.
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