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Another big concern for any family is the education of their children. Relocation can be extremely difficult for a child too. From finding new friends to adjusting with the locals; from changing their daily routine to going to a new school, the sudden change can take a toll on a child’s innocent mind. It is very important for every parent to enroll their child in a progressive school where their kids can easily settle-in and embrace the change. We offer you services that include arranging meetings with the school administrators, finding the right academic curriculum for your child, school tours, and everything else that you need.

Services include:
  • Identify schooling / educational requirements.
  • Explain curriculum & tuition cost assistance.
  • Arrange for a meeting with the school Administrator/ Principal.
  • We can also assist in accompanied school tours,
  • Review of the admission process.
  • Assist with info on extra-activity classes for children like swimming, painting, piano classes, Equestrian club etc.

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