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Planning a laboratory move can be a complicated process but with the help of Interem, it can be easier. We understand that laboratory equipment are difficult to handle. They need to be moved with care, ensuring everything remains unbroken during transportation. Interem is one of the most sought after laboratory movers with knowledgeable project managers. We coordinate with our clients to plan a workable schedule for maximum efficiency and minimal disruption of lab operations. Our staff skillfully manages manpower and specialized equipment while relocating a laboratory locally or globally.

The company assures its customers that their lab equipment are properly wrapped and packed. We always guarantee the physical integrity of lab instruments while shifting them to a new place. The process takes place in two phases. Phase 1: All existing equipment along with the new instruments will be installed correctly in the new laboratory. To maintain the testing process of already shifted equipment, there is a possibility that enough equipment might be left in the existing lab. Phase 3: After the completion of previous testing process, remaining lab instruments will be moved to the new lab.

Being a prominent moving company, we distinguish ourselves through innovative thinking, thoughtful leadership, accumulated knowledge and expertise. In order to ensure successful laboratory relocation, we modify our programs and global relocation services as per the unique needs of our clients. Therefore, get in touch with Interem and experience a hassle-free moving.

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