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Selecting a reputable moving company

  1. Source recommended Relocation Companies through friends, relatives, co-workers, directories etc. for recommendations
  2. Do a preliminary screening of these movers for online reviews / complaints, their affiliations & accreditations, office locations etc.
  3. Shortlist minimum of 4 companies and call them for an On-site estimate
  4. Do not entertain companies that provide an estimate without a site visit
  5. During the site visit, ensure that the mover sees everything they will be moving and also he understands the conditions at the destination location also, that might complicate the move, such as stairs, elevators, or a significant distance from the curb to the closest door
  6. During the site visit collect as much information as possible from the Mover like
    • Full name of the company and any other name under which they operate
    • Licences / certifications of the Mover, so as to ensure that they are moving you legally
    • List of services they offer & whether your requirement matches that
    • Their office locations
    • Experience of the company
    • Number of vehicles they own / operate
    • Warehousing space they have
    • Number of employees
    • Whether they will be moving by themselves or contracting the job out to another mover
    • Insurance cover they provide
    • The kind of packaging they do and whether your requirement matches that
    • Tracking modes of the move
    • Complaint redress system
    • Names & addresses of references they provide, for cross checking their track
  1. Ensure that the Mover provides you with a proper written estimate for the move. Go through the estimate carefully and clarify any doubts / new terminology in the estimate / whether there will be any additional cost
  2. Do not hesitate to ask any question regarding the move or the mover. A reputed mover will be forthcoming to clarify all your doubts
  3. Review the estimate and make sure you have understood it completely
  4. Compare the estimates and check how the costs vary. What components of the estimate are higher and why ? If needed, call the Mover and clarify.
  5. Be wary of any extraordinarily low estimate! Make sure to double check the estimate & the Mover’s credentials
  6. Check for reviews / complaints on the Movers and whether the information you collected during their site visit are true
  7. In case of similar estimates, negotiate with the movers for the best price possible
  8. With results from the above, decide on the Mover
  9. Upon confirmation of the dates and details of your move, and make sure you get a signed order for service and a bill of lading with a complete inventory of the move
BEWARE OF IMPOSTORS Beware of impostors using the name and/or style similar to INTEREM. INTEREM request all to check for our brand name and visit our web site / office and ascertain the facts before confirming a move.

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